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The court drama pitting The County Government of Kiambu against the tenants of JAMOFASTAR seems very far from over. Everyday, Thika Town Today is always furnished with new developments.

After what seemed as the county government temporarily winning round one of the Finance Bill 2015-16 tussle last Tuesday JAMOFASTAR, an association representing the welfare of all tenants living in Thika Sub-County Government's houses, on Friday got a reprieve when Judge Hon. D V Odunga gave a temporary order suspending the implementation of the Kiambu County Finance Act 2015.

In a copy from Milimani High Court that Thika Town Today saw, Hon. Odunga stated that the orders that had been previously made on the 8th of December 2015 were now valid. This meant that the County Government of Kiambu could not charge the new rates until the case was heard and determined.

This stay was in a response to an application that was presented on 11th December 2015 by Madam Mary Nguli in a sworn Affidavit for the county government. 

The two bodies have been in and out of court contesting the legality of the Finance Bills since early 2013. The tenants have been fighting against the new rates claiming that they did not follow the laid down procedure under the constitution.

On its part, the county government has always maintained that the finance acts had been constitutionally put in place, arguing that the complainants were only out to disrupt the government's operations without any valid reason. They argue that the tenants have been against these payments, thus denying the authorities the much needed revenue to run its projects.

The case was adjourned to January 2016.   

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