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Some kids drawing water from a burst pipe behind Kamenu Primary School This morning
An extensive water shortage has Makongeni Phase IV and Kisii Estates for the last one week, making life quite difficult for the residents. Some houses have not received water for up to twelve days, forcing their tenants to spend a lot of time wandering around Makongeni and its environs in search of water.

When Thika Town Today visited the area, we met several women walking round the estates with jerry can looking for water. We also came across some kids who were fetching water from a burst pipe that had been damaged while a drainage canal was being dug around Kamenu Primary School to drain away flood water. Some of the residents have been forced to buy water from vendors, who sell the commodity. A 20-litre jerrycan is going for Sh20.
The shortage has triggered fears of a possible cholera and other waterborne diseases outbreak among residents. Some worried mothers complained that their toddlers were suffering from diarrhoea caused by the consuming contaminated water from the trenches and other waters purchased from vendors.

"We do not know what is wrong with water since last week.The stench that is emanating from this place, especially those houses that have toilets inside, is quite horrible. We fear there might be an outbreak of cholera. If the governor is unable to ensure we get water then he should let someone else into office," said one nursing mom.

They appealed to Thika Water and Sewerage Company (THIWASCO) to come to their aid before things get out of hand. They fail to comprehend why the water department was swift to disconnect water for late clearance of bills but they could not apply the same speed to provide this vital necessity whenever a problem like this occurred.

Some claimed that they had gone for days without a bath and whenever they had one they did what is popularly known to bachelors as a 'passport'.

The provision of water is a county government responsibility and the county government.

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