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Hospital Ward MCA Mwangi Wamwangi Tuesday left his busy schedule to join residents of Thika Town in celebrating an early Christmas with the inmates of Thika Men and Women Prisons. 

In the event dubbed #KrisiiNaWafungwa, J BEE grabbed this opportunity to inspire the hundreds of young men and women who had found themselves on the wrong side of the law, resulting to them being held in custody. He told them that by finding themselves in prison did not mean the end of their lives. 

"Wasee, hii ni kahick-up kidogo na mnafaa kutrust God coz hii ni ya muda tu. Don't let anyone or anything give you any limitations. I know some of you here have learnt your lesson and it pains me to see so many youth locked in here while we need you out there building the nation," he said. 

He promised to ensure that all those who were in remand due to small fines as well as those who were serving jail terms due to bailable offenses that he would mobilise for resources to ensure that they were bailed out. The only condition for their freedom was that they would never let him down by reverting back to crime again.

And to make good his promise, he bailed out three youth who were in custody for fines of sh.3,000 and two of sh.1,000 each. He pledged to seek bursaries to cater for the counseling services and life-skills lessons that International Professional Counselors Centre had offered them upon release.

He requested the prison authorities to service him with a list of all the youth in both facilities who would qualify for help so that he could arrange for their release. He also wanted the list of all those without ID Cards so that arrangements to have them would be made.

After a tour of the two correction facilities and witnessing first hand the challenges they were going through. Many of the women slept on the ground for lack of beds. They too scrabbled to view the only TV Set for the more than 200 of them.

The men requested for at least two TV Sets to keep them
Updated on what was happening in the outside world. They also requested for more water storage tanks to ease their water shortage problems.

J BEE pledged to seek funds to enable the female section obtain more beds and several TV sets both the men and women prisons. He also promised to mobilise funding to expand women facility so as to ease congestion.

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