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As majority of the town dwellers left for up country for the Christmas festivities, Thika Town CBD remained almost a ghost town. 

Majority of its business remained closed apart from a few traders who tried to take advantage of those traveling to shags to make a few bucks. Most conspicuous were the hawkers who took the opportunities to make a kill especially those selling children's toys. 

All the major supermarkets in the town had a booming business as people rushed in to grab a last minute shopping to take to their folks in the village. Managements of these outlets had a very hard time trying to control this mob.

The other group that had some good business were the bar owners and entertainment joints, especially after 2:00pm as many patrons started thronging in for some drinks, foods and entertainment. By dusk, all entertainment spots in Thika, more so those that offered family entertainment were parked to capacity.

Conspicuous absent were hotels and food joints in town. Anyone who wished to have something to eat or some cup of tea to quench their thirst had a rude shock of their lifetime. Virtually every place was closed a part from one or two 'pop-in' food kiosks in the main bus stage.

For those who opted to remain in Thika, a lot was in store for them to do, from partying and attending special events and concerts.

The residential areas were somehow deserted but full of activity too. Majority of those who preferred to remain behind opted to celebrated Christmas with the entire family coming together. There were the traditional dinners that featured an abundance of food and holiday cheer. So many goats and chicken were turned into meals with the popular chapatis still maintaining their number one place on the dinner table.

In majority of these homes, the main menu on the Christmas feast mostly contained – Pilau, chicken, beef, rice, Chapati, cake and a lot barbeque, locally known as Nyama Choma.  In some homes, traditional brews such as muratina was made available to the guests, not forgetting the ever popular Tusker and sodas to grace the occasion.

Most 237ners opted to attend overnight church services (Kesha) that were organised to last through the night of the Christmas Eve to the main day itself. 

Churches and Cathedrals were beautifully decorated with balloons, ribbons and Christmas trees embellished with candles, bells and presents for Christmas with the worshipers packed to capacity.  

Some other groups of people decided to visit homes for the less privileged in the society, the sick in hospitals and some went to bring joy to the inmates.

The police and the entire security team in Thika West had a very busy day, both on the night of the Christmas Eve and on the 25th. They maintained vigil and ensured security was guaranteed to those who were travelling up-country  as well as those who were left behind. Idlers and people with suspicious character had a rough time hanging around the town's CBD and also in the estates especially during the night.

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