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Nominated MCA Hon. Florence Ngeru (Flozie) on Tuesday afternoon helped to secure the release of Mzee Kofi Anaan From Thika GK Main Prison when she raised some money to bail out the old mzee who was in custody for lack of money to pay his bond. 

During the visit too, she promised to liaise with Thika West Registrar of Persons to ensure that all those youth detained at the Thika GK Prisons and do not have national identity cards so that they can for them while still in custody. This would guarantee them easier access to job opportunities and avoid police harassment when they get out of jail.

Flozie was speaking at the prison premises when she joined other people of goodwill who had gone to visit the inmates and share with them some Christmas goodies.

“It pains me to see you here when you ought to be with other people enjoying your holidays. You ought to be there building the nation. This country needs you more and there is no way we can build it when majority of the youth are here wasting away. I want these youth, who from what I see here come from all parts of this country, free and being able to do some meaningful work out there. They cannot be productive while they are in jail. They cannot also be of any help if they do not have IDs,” she said.

She advised them not to feel bad about their plight but instead appreciate God for who they were even in the situation they were in. In fact, she added, that they might have been in worse situations had it not happened so that they found themselves in jail. may be it was God's way of saving them from the worst.

“God will surely open a way. I believe you will get out of here reformed and brighter than before,” she added.

She promised to come back again to celebrate with them on new year's eve where, God willing, she would convince the governor of Kiambu to come along and top up the Christmas goodies.

After a tour of the facility, she promised to buy them a TV Set before the end of this year.

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