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Thika Police on Wednesday afternoon impounded over 70 litres of illicit liquor that was found hidden inside a rented house in Athena Village of Kianjau Sub-Location. Following a tip-off from the members of public, Makongeni Chief Mr. Daniel Waiguru led a team of officers from Thika Sub-County reinforcement team to raid the homestead after the area Assistant chief Mr. John Karanja requested for their support. 

They managed to arrest one suspect, Ali Juma Nyambura from Kiandutu Slum, who was nabbed packing the liquor in polythene bags ready for transportation to his various destinations. The culprit was described as a very notorious chang'aa  brewer who had been escaping their drag-net for quite a while. Ali, who is believed to be one of the leading chang'aa distributors in Thika and Juja Sub-Counties, brews his stuff on Ndarugo River in Juja Sub-County before packing it for sale.

“We managed to arrest one suspect who was found packing chang’aa into retail polythene papers and also seized over 70 litres of the brew hidden in the compound. We have been trying to get this man but he had always escaped our raids,” said Waiguru.

 “Our officers will continue with the crackdown on illegal brews until all our people engage in meaningful sources of livelihood,” he added.

On his part, Kianjau Assistant Chief lamented the deaths of innocent lives due to the greed of a few people.

“It is sad for Kenyans continue dying due to this illicit brew. I urge the locals to continue cooperating with the local administration and the police by informing them on those engaging in this illegal business,” Karanja said.

The suspect was remanded in police custody and was expected to be arraigned in court Thursday Morning.

The raid was witnessed by Thika Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Mwai Gichero and Kamenu Sub-Location Assistant Chief Madam Mary Mumbi among other members of Thika Sub-County Reinforcement Team.

In July this year, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered a crackdown on illicit liquor in central Kenya to wipe out killer drinks.

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