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Nominated MP Isaac Mwaura has expressed his reservations in the way the society treated Persons Living With Disabilities ( PWDs). He said that it was quite unfortunate the society wasn't ready to go the extra mile provide PWDs with their needs.

"Disability is sociological, a problem of the attitude. The society assume PWDs only seek sympathy. They don't! PWD have their rights too and disability rights are human rights. No person should be judged based on their anatomy," he said.

"The society isn't ready to go the extra mile to provide for the needs of PWDs. When it comes to problems related to PWDs, it assumes a 'one-size-fits-all' solution. For instance, when people put up washrooms in public places, they provide one for men, another one for ladies and only one for the PWDs. Who told them that PWDs are from one gender? Who said that both male and female PWDs face the same challenges in the loos?" he quipped. 

He observed that PWDs faced so many environmental and man-made barriers adding that solutions to every problem must be individualised. He called upon everyone in the society, especially those in positions of leadership to think of ways they could elevate PWDs through public awareness.

He reminded each and every member of the society that disability was a club and everyone was a member since noone could tell what would happen the next minute. Hon. Mwaura therefore called for both the student and nation's leadership to work for a legacy towards PWDs' awareness.

Hon. Mwaura was addressing a Disability Awareness Forum over the weekend at the Mount Kenya University Main Campus in Thika Town. Among those in attendance included Kiambu County TNA Coordinator Madam Gladys Chania, a scholar and Counseling Psychologist Madam Susan Gitau, MKUSA leaders as well all students and tutors from both Joytown Secondary School for the Physically Challenged and MKU.

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