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Thika United FC has completed a two week trials which involved youthful raw talents from neighboring towns and across Kenya. The exercise that brought on board, 300 hundred young talanted players coming from across Kenya with some as far as Malindi, Kisii, Kakamega and Nyanza;

All the candidates participated in tough eleven aside matches before finally being shortlisted into a set of 22 who took part in two friendly matches pitting Bidco United and Kiambu County All Stars.

“We are so greatful because of the huge turn out and giving the young talents the opportunity to expose their talent in the field of play. We have identified four or five players who we need to see more during our pre-season training in January then we shall take our next move,” said Thika United FC Coach, Irungu.

However, Irungu  lamented on the lack of proper youth structures in the country, and called upon all stakeholders to spearhead a revolution in football matters in order to rescue the dangers that are lurking-

“It’s a pity to see such a great number of talented boys having nowhere else to turn to because we lack youth structures in our footballing system. My appeal to all the aspirants in the coming Football elections to factor in youth leagues where every top tier side should have an active youth team fully funded by the Federation in conjunction with the sports ministry,in an effort to develop our youth and local talent,” he added.

The Brookside-Sponsored side is well identified with nurturing of young talented youth. At Thika United FC, players are developed right from secondary school level and on several occasions even assisted on their tuition fees courtesy of  Brookside Dairies who have been the official sponsors of the East Africa Secondary School ball Games over the years.

Meanwhile Thika United is planning to break for the December Holidays early next month to resume for the pre-season preparations early January 2016


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