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Ngewa Ward Hon. Karungo Wa Thang'wa has appealed to Kiambu leaders to organise a major Harambee to aid the Madaraka Market traders who lost all their stocks in an infernal ignited by hired goons on Sunday night. He said that most of these traders had nothing left to start all over again and being the breadwinners, it was only human that the leaders helped them stand on their feet again.

He said that the funds drive would also be used to restructure the market again adding that upon completion, the Kiambu County Government should be declared out of bounds.

"If we raise money to restructure this market, the county government should keep off. We will not allow their cess collectors to ask for market charges from us. Tutajijengea soko yetu na tujipangie mambo yetu wenyewe," Karungo said.

He castigated the procurement of the 72 vehicles by Kiambu County Government this fiscal year saying that the engines were now being abused by the authorities to harass wananchi. These vehicles, he added, were the same ones used to transport the goons who torched Madaraka Market on Sunday Night. This he said was quite unfortunate considering that the victims were the rightful owners of these machines.

He praised Hons. Alice and Waititu for cutting short their ASP's Hague trip where they had gone to show solidarity with Deputy President William Ruto and Radio Presenter Arap Sang. That was a sign of good leadership, he concluded.

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