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KNEC should ensure that KCPE is credible.

As close to 900,000 KCPE candidates sit for their end of 8years of primary school exams starting today.
The Kenya National Examinations Council has assured that everthing is in place to ensure that all goes well. This comes after increased cases of bungled administration of the just ended K.C.S.E.

Exam "leakages" were readily available in most online platforms way before High School candidates sat for their papers in an year that saw the education sector in Kenya undergo the worst ever teachers' strike.

Thika Town Today hopes that the government through the education ministry and the examination council drew important lessons and from that and they will ensure that KCPE is credible so as to avoid similar fate.

As we wish all candidates success in their examinations.We call upon the authorities to ensure that no candidate gains unfair advantage over others.

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