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The Kiambu county government is alledged to have demolished and burnt all the wooden business stalls along the Thika Road at Ruiru town on Wednesday night. County askaris among other officials arrived in escort of the police at around 9:00pm and started bringing down the stalls and burning them into ashes.

According to anonymous sources, the county government has been trying to persuade the market operators to vacate the area so to enable the government construct permanent stalls, probably metallic, but the operators have been hesitant, forcing the government to take the action last night. For this reason, the county askaris were ordered to ensure nothing was left on the scene so as no one wil think of constructing a stall at the area.

 “They were told to give the government space to improve the service by constructing metallic permanent stalls but they refused. We have been ordered to bring every stall down to give way for better ones from the county government,” he said.
  The move led to skirmishes caused by some traders who had not retired to their homes at the time of the action who started throwing stones to the askaris and police and the police reiterated by shooting in the air and also dispersed them using tear gas.

 The condition calmed down as traders left the scene for their homes and the askaris finished their work.

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