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Juja sub-county Children’s officer Mr. Arnold Mureta has revealed that more 130 registered households in the area are set to receive their funds from the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) cash transfer programme in the oncoming December month meant for this year.
Speaking from Juja area during a consultative meeting between the CDF office and the various government departments in the area on Saturday, the officer said that the number has doubled from the last year’s where he registered only 63 households.

Mureta added that his office has called for an increase in the funds from Sh125, 000 to Sh230, 000 to cater for the increased beneficiaries.

However, an alarm has been raised in Juja following cases of parents with vulnerable children hiding them in the houses and thus missing out for the funds transfer. Witeithie assistant chief, speaking in the meeting said that his area has had the most cases so far and that he has been cautioning the residents against hiding disabled children thus anyone caught should be prosecuted for preventing a child from acquiring hi rights.

Mureta called upon the chiefs to work closely with his office to apprehend the parents who have been subjecting their children to quarry work.

The move has been supported by the area MP Francis Munyua who was speaking on Saturday in a different event.


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