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Insecurity is slowly but surely creeping back into some of our estates, an issue, if not arrested in good time, will escalate into full blown menace. 

Kisii and Makongeni Estates have for quite sometime now been generally a secure environment to live in. But of late, there has been numerous reports of mugging, petty thefts and in some instances big time robberies.

Kisii Estate for instance, has had a history of being the safest estate within Kamenu ward. It was rare to find youth idling around the estate or lazing in any spot chewing miraa or taking drugs. Instead, the only major activity you witnessed that involved them was various young men forming volleyball and football teams that played in the evenings especially near Stepping Stones Academy.

Well, that glory is fast fading. These days the estate is getting saturated with so many idlers lazing around various spots. The worst hit is the areas near Makongeni Phase 4. Kisii Estate youth have now joined hands with those from Phase 4 and formed 'Mabase' especially just behind Kamenu Primary School. They laze around incomplete structures and uncleared bushes the entire day chewing miraa, drinking 2nd generation liqour and smoking Bhang. It is in these places they are now laying down strategies to do crime. 

Of late, that region has turned into a hotbed of petty crimes. Hardly a day passes without reports of people being waylaid on their way home, especially between 7:30pm and 11:00pm, attacked and robbed off their money and variables.

The worst hit are people trespassing through Kamenu Primary School from Phase 4 towards Kisii Estate where they are either attacked within the school compound or just after doing the bushes in the school. All roads within those residential houses at the edge of Phase 4 just behind this school have now become a no-go zone after 8:00pm for Kisii residents. There has been unconfirmed reports of women being mugged and raped in that spot too. 

The residential houses around that area towards the KPLC power plant all the way to Barracks region have been reporting cases of house breaks and petty thefts of clothing and little stuff left outside the houses.

Residents have blamed this crimes to the laxity of the police and other relevant administrative units of government. They say that the area rarely enjoy police patrols, and when they do, they just do one round and leave the residents at the mercy of those criminals.

They also blame the infiltration of criminal elements from Makongeni and other places like Kiganjo for the insecurity in the estate. 

They are calling for more vigilance from the area community policing leaders to work with the relevant security organs so as to arrest the situation. They are also calling on the County Government of Kiambu to improve on the lighting of the estate. They noted that though the estate was so vast, it had only two light masts which barely covered the majority of the areas making it a safe haven for thugs.

Otherwise, they have vowed that if worse went to the worst, they would start taking the law into their hands and start lynching suspects and beat up youth idling in the so called 'Bases'.

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