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Majengo Sub-Location residents Thursday morning benefited from the recently launched Thika West Sub-County's mobile ID card registration exercise when they applied for their national Identity Cards (IDs) at the Red Cross grounds near St. Patricks Primary School. Those who benefited included new applicants as well as a good number of people who had misplaced their ID Cards.

The exercise started some minutes after 9am and was to go to around 4:30pm in the evening. 

Everything was enhanced since  the applicants collected the application forms, filled them in and then took them to their specific area assistant chiefs who verified their documents and signed to acknowledge them as genuine cases. After that, they took the forms to the registration officials who took their finger prints and passport-size photographs.

Within a very short duration of time, the whole exercise was over and the applicants left home with a waiting card. They were asked to check for their ID Cards in the next two months at the Thika West District Registrar of Persons offices.

This exercise has been going on for the last one week, having already covered Makongeni Location (Kenyatta Primary School, Posta & Garissa Rd. Primary School in Kiandutu).

Today, the officers visit Gatuanyaga Location (Gatuanyaga Primary School). They will then visit Ngoingwa (Chief Camp) on 19th October 2015 and finalize the mobile registration on 21st October in Kiganjo Sub-Location (Kimuchu Primary School), Makongeni Location. 

Those people who reside in those two sub locations have been requested to inform their friends and relatives to go and register in the said dates and venues.

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