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Hospital Ward MCA leading the demostration to protest the murder of Menja
Hospital Ward MCA Hon. Mwangi Wamwangi today led tens of mourners in a peaceful demonstration to protest the alleged murder and dumping into River Chania of Peter Ng'ang'a alias Mench whose body was found floating in the river, two weeks after the alleged incident.  The mourners, who were drawn from Ofafa, Majengo, Biafra and Ziwani Estates,marched from the General Kago Funeral Home in the Thika Level 5 Hospital to the Thika Police Headquarters where they were met and well attended to by the OCS and his deputy.

The OCS confirmed to the family that his office had received report of the case but in very scanty details and had already opened a file on the same. He promised them that after the new developments, they would take up the matter and investigate further. he pleaded with them to bury their son first then report tomorrow (Sunday, the 1st of November) at 2:00pm so that they can review the file to include the new info that the family had brought forth.
Thika Police Deputy OCS calming down the protesters

After adressing the mourners outside the police station, Wamwangi convinced them to proceed to the Kiandutu Cementry where they had planned to rest the body of the deceased.

It is alleged that the deceased was in the company of other people in a suspected illicit brew den in kasarani area, just a few metres from the Chania River, on the lower part of Majengo Estate. The area chief, his assistant and other people suspected to be either the administration police or NYS service interns, are alleged to have raided the den, on or about the 20th of October in the fight to eradicate the illicit brews. Those who claimed to have this information claim that upon ambushing these boys, the officers beat them up into submission. It is not very clear what transpired next that led to the disapearance of Menja after the raid.

Two of Menja's accomplices were arrested and aligned in court the same week and were sentenced to a 6 month jail term each. The whereabouts of the deceased were unknown until two weeks later when his body was discovered float in the river on Monday this week. It is alleged that the body had some deep scar on the neck and what seemed to be a broken arm, something the family suspect that he might have been murdered and then dumped into the river.
The Deceased's mother Mrs Josephine Wambui

One of the demonstrators carrying the slain man's portrait

"When we went to the mortuary on Thursday, we saw a big scar on his neck and when we inquired about it the hospital pathologist told us that they were the ones who did the cut in order to insert the preservative into his body. Her explanations and actions along with what we saw when we arrived there were suspect. First she asked the family for a medical fee of sh.7000 for her to collect body tissues to do the postmortem. We weren't able to raise that so we asked for some time to do so. Later, we saw the chief come into the mortuary, talk to one of the attendants and then left after less than 5 minutes. Yesterday, we were to meet her with one officer from Thika Police Station, a Mr. Nyongesa, the Pathologist kept on dodging us with flimsy reasons until very late in the evening. When she came, she told us that they had already collected the tissues from my brother's body. Now I ask, who paid for that because it was definitely not us? And what was the chief doing at the mortuary?" asked Laban Gathukia, the brother to the deceased.

On his part, the MCA asked the OCS to liaise with the prison's authorities in order to accord the two who were now serving their jail term, the necessary security since they might be the ones with the crucial evidence that would unravel the puzzle of the death of Menja. He feared that the culprits might use clandestine ways to eliminate them while in custody so as to silence every possible evidence.
Part of the procession moving along General Kago Road on their way to the CBD

 The family is only seeking justice for their son who they believe was murdered and plunged into Chania River in the guise of fighting illicit brews.

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