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Kiambu Governor Hon. William Kabogo has assured quarry owners and transporters who do their trade in stone mining plants that the county government will repair all roads that led to quarries in the county soon.

The governor was speaking in his office when he met a group of quarry owners who had made a courtesy call to his office complaining of poor roads to their businesses. They said that their businesses generated a lot of income to his government yet they received reap service in return. They too complained that their clients were evading some quarries due to bad roads that damaged their vehicles. They failed to comprehend how they could be the ones repairing these roads yet it was the county government's responsibility.

They claimed that they were incurring great loses in loss of business and time. They were now fearing that in the onset of the El Nino rains, some of their businesses would have to close down since most of these roads would be rendered impassible.

 Hon Kabogo, who was franked by Kiambu County Secretary, Mr.Frederick Kitema and the CEC Finance, Mrs Mary Nguli, assured them of his government's commitment to repair those particular roads.

On their part the quarry owners assured him of their commitment to abide by the laid out environmental regulations that sought to protect the public from health hazards that arise from mining.

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