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Tuktuk operators yesterday met at the Starehe Grounds (Butuu) Thika to deliberate on the need to form their own SACCO so as to conform with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) gazetted rules that demanded that all public service vehicles must belong to a SACCO that has at least 30 vehicles. Under the rules, Tuktuk owners are also required to employ drivers and conductors on permanent terms and offer them pension. Each driver must not work for more than eight hours.

They discussed the benefits of  upgrading their self help group into a SACCO which they said would be more viable at this time and age. The SACCO would enable them invest and borrow loans for economic empowerment. For instance, the SACCO would lend them different types of loans that they would pay back with an interest of only 1%. They would be getting an instant loan equivalent to a quarter of their savings, an emergency loan of half their savings and a normal loan that is thrice the amount each has saved in the SACCO.

To qualify for a loan, the members must have contributed into their kitty for six months. Each member is to register with Ksh. 2000 and should save at least Ksh. 120 per day.

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