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Thika Water and Sewerage Company (THIWASCO) deputy water treatment officer James Ikua has said that the company will invest Sh2 million to kick off a toilet upgrading project in Kiandutu Slum where landlords  will be encouraged to replace the pit latrines with flush toilets after which they will be refunded Sh15,000 for each completed flash toilet.

“Thika Water and Sewerage Company will provide more money after the Sh2 million phase is completed. The project will continue until we clear all the pit latrines in the slum before we move to other slums within Thika town for a similar project,” he said.

“These multi-million shilling projects will encourage plot owners in Kiandutu to build modernised toilets which will help end waterborne diseases that are common in the area. We are ready and committed to help our brothers and sisters in the slums to live a better life,” Ikua said.

He said many typhoid cases in Kiandutu were caused by pit latrines waste that overflowed into Kariminu River, a link of Chania River which is the source of domestic water for Kiandutu residents.

Ikua who was speaking Monday from his office on Blue Post Road, Thika said sanitation was key to improved living standards in slums.

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