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Teachers in Thika West Sub-County boycotted work for the seventh day in a row, evading class as a result of the on-going national strike. A spot check by the Thika Town Today in various public primary and secondary schools showed most schools deserted by both learners and teachers and the few that opened had only a handful of pupils who were unattended to by any teacher.

Speaking to the area branch KNUT Executive Secretary via phone, Mr. Joe Mungai told us that there was no turning back since the teachers had vowed to soldier on till the government bowed down to pressure and paid them their salary increase as directed by the Supreme Court. He castigated the stand by TSC Secretary Madam Maria Nzomo for her sentiment that teachers who never report for duty would be punished. 

He asked Thika to treat Nzomo's threat 'with the contempt it deserved' since it amounted to just a mere threat. He told the teachers not to sign any document presented to them by the area educational field officers since they had only one authority to answer to as per now and that was his KNUT Branch office. He said that noone was supposed to sign any official document outside his/her work station.

He asked Thika parents to collect their children from schools since there wasn't anyone to monitor or take care of them in the learning institutions. He also called on head-teachers and secondary school Principals not to sabotage the strike by assuming duty. He reminded them that they too were teachers and had no option but to fully back the teachers' course for better remuneration and terms of service.

He reminded the teachers that next week Monday the 14th of September 2015, all Thiks Sub-County teachers would converge at the St. Patricks Primary School's grounds for prayers and mass which will be followed by a demonstration to sensitize the public on their reasons to boycott duty. Various KNUT leaders will update the teachers on the progress of the strike as well as discuss with them on the way forward. 

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