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Kiandutu Slum was this afternoon turned to a battle ground when angry youth engaged the police with guerrilla fights. The bone of contention was that the police had accidentally shot dead a young girl whose was hit by a stray bullet as she was fetching water from a water point.

It all started when Thika Police had gone to arrest a scrap metal dealer in one sections of the vast slum. It is alleged that the dealer escaped forcing the police to arrest a his wife and her son. As they were struggling to eject them from the premises, some of the people who were witnessing the incident started pelting the police with stones. Eventually, the police realized that they had been cornered and started firing in the air to scare them away but in vain.

In the confusion, a stray bullet hit the young girl, who is said to have died on the way to Thika Level 5 Hospital. The police managed to get out but this time without their suspects.

Soon, some youths gathered and matched to the area police post. They started pelting stones and shouting obscenities to the police who by then didn't know what had transpired. 

Later on they decided to direct their anger to unsuspecting motorists along Garissa Road. They blocked the road near Broadway High School and the General Kago-Garissa Roads junction near Bidco Oil Refineries. They lit borne fires on the road and started harassing innocent pedestrians who didn't know what was wrong.

This prompted Thika Police to seek reinforcement to counter the youth. Two GSU full of anti-riot officers came in to counter these youth. Within a fraction of a second, hell broke loose. The police fired tear gas canisters at the rioting youth, dispersing anyone on sight.

The youth engaged them in running battles which went on late into the evening. By around 6:00 pm, there was a great police and GSU presence along Garissa Road and keeping vigil around Kiandutu Slums. 

The skirmishes caused a major traffic snarl up along Garissa and Kenyatta Roads as motorists to and fro Ukambani and Garissa County had to pass through Thika Town.

Some thugs took advantage of the situation to rob both pedestrians and  passagers leaving Athena by 2TS matatus. I personally witnessed a group of youth rob a man and a woman he was with money and valuables. The man had to leave the place with a black eye after one of the young men punched him on the face.

As we moved within the streets of the slum, we came across some very young boys selling some of the phones they had snatched from innocent wananchi for as little as sh200.

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