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Kiambu County Member of Parliament Hon. Anne Nyokabi Gathecha has challenged youth in the county to stand up and fight for positions of leadership in all spheres of life. 

Speaking at the International Professional Counsellors Centre in Thika Town where she was the chief guest at the Thika Youth Leaders Peace Forum, she told them that they had to change their way of thinking and brand themselves into a package that would be appealing to the members of the society they were living in.

"The major problem of the youth today is from within. It is all in your mind. The youth expect to be given leadership, instead of working for it. Success will only come because of proper planning. You are that change you have always been looking for," she said.

"You must step up and do the right thing whenever there a need in the society. Participate and involve yourself in all activities around you. Be the good thing that you always look for in the society and in life. Leadership is earned. You have to position yourself to take it by first understanding your environment, the structures of governance and by learning to prioritizing issues. Focus on one area of concern and do your research well about it. Above all, you must empower yourself by going back to school. This will help you prepare for the necessary legislation if at all you want to go into politics," she added.

Nyoks, as she is popularly referred to, reminded the participants that everyone had a journey in life to make. The experience gained in this journey is the one that shaped their destiny. 

She advised them to network vastly and always command respect among the society members through motivate those around those around them using the experiences that they have gone through.

"Leadership calls for discipline, servant leadership and self sacrifice. You have to do a lot of volunteer work to position yourself for power. You must also be the voice of reason," she said.

She said that majority of the problems in Kenya were as a result of bad leadership, be it in the political arena or otherwise.  She advised the youth to always surround and associate themselves with people who were smarter than they were, but who had positive expectations in life. In that way, they would learn from the best in the society.

She concluded by telling them that with proper strategy and time management, discipline, persistence and the right networks, the youth did not need money to bribe their way to leadership. Money is not everything.

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