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Residents of Kisii Estate, Thika woke up to an ugly scene of a suspected robber being lynched. The angry mob beat him up with clubs and stones before setting his arse on fire. 

It is alleged that he alongside two others who 
managed to escape, broke into a house at around 3am in the night. 

The victim, who is an army officer had just retired to bed from work. Due to exhaustion, he just fastened only one latch and slept. Hardly had he fallen asleep than he was woken up by three hooded figures already in his single-roomed house attacking him with iron bars.

He was lucky enough to shove one of them aside and dash out of the room. He ran to seek for help from neighbours, leaving them behind. This alarmed the thugs and they too ran off out of the room but not without stealing a TV set, a laptop and his cellphone.

A quick response by some neighbours managed to trace one of the thugs. They pursued him and caught up with him hiding in an incomplete structure. On searching him, he was found in possession of the victim's phone. They tried interrogating him, just in case he revealed the identities of his accomplishes but all in vain. He was a hard nut to crack. He wouldn't reveal any of them.

They held on to him until early this morning when he showed them a certain den where they used to sleep at night. Their activities attracted curious on lookers and within a short time, the place was packed with people. 

As the mob grew, reasoning  flew through the window. They started pouncing on him with kicks and blows, then sticks and stones. They interrogated him to reveal his accomplishes but would not say a thing other than claiming innocence. 

When the mob could not entertain his rubbish anymore, they lit a fire from the beddings found in the site and threw him into the fire. This is when he mentioned two people as his partners in the crime, a Mwangi from Kiganjo Corner 1 and a certain Jemo but would not take them to their residence.

The refusal to co-operate infuriated the irate wanachi who beat him senselessly until he lost consciousness. They threw him back into the fire but by then it was not fierce enough to consume him.

By the time we left the scene at around 8am this morning, the police, whose Makongeni Police Station is just about 500m away from the scene, had not yet arrived either to arrest the suspect or save him from lunching.

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