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Jane Macharia, a nutritionist at Thika Level Five Hospital advise Thika residents have to eat the amaranth, popularly referred to as 'terere' due to its unique nutritional and health benefits. She noted that amaranth and grains are rich in proteins essential for growth and repair.

"Amaranth contains high proteins concentration almost more than any other grain or vegetable in the market,” said Macharia.

She added that 'terere' leaves are also rich in minerals like calcium which is essential for bone development and prevention of osteoporosis and also assist in the digestion process due to its high fibre concentration.

"Amaranth leaves have a high fibre content that results to smooth digestion of food and efficient uptake of minerals. Amaranth also help in reducing cholesterol by eliminating the excess fats from the heart and therefore helping in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system,” said Macharia.

She noted that many residents were dismissive of the vegetables with some terming them as wild plants not knowing its benefits.

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