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These are the remains of the once very busy THIKA RAILWAY STATIONS which was so crucial to the industrialists of Thika Town who depended on it to transport their cargo to the world's markets. Everyday, we would wake up to go and watch these locomtives do their thing, especially during school holidays.

Tonnes and tonnes of cargo passed via these lines as either raw materials on their way to the factories within Thika or as finished products on their way to the world market. this was also the transit railway line that headed to Nanyuki, a town that was popularly referred to as 'Mwisho wa Reli' since it marked the end of the Kenyan railway line.

Today, it is an old shell of itself with no activities going on whatsoever. Majority of the workers who worked here were either retrenched or re-located elsewhere. The place is just left with a skeleton workforce that barely have anything meaningful to do.


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