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Thika District Business Association (T.D.B.A), a Member based Organization that was initiated to improve service delivery and to facilitate development in Thika Town, will be holding their 2nd Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) tomorrow, Friday 28th August at Coconut Grill Restaurant starting 6:00pm.

TDBA is a broad based network of individual business people, professionals, companies, institutions and small business traders within Thika and its environs that was launched on June 21st 2013. It provides an endless network of opportunities. This forum helps members to build relationships, leading to direct or indirect business opportunities. 

Its membership comprises of seasoned and established Business people, who are useful reference points due to their life long Business experiences. It seeks audience with the government and private sectors on issues affecting its members as they carry out business in Thika Town and it's environs. It also gives it's members a platform to market their businesses or services..

TDBA members get first-hand information on current and important matters affecting businesses at national or county levels, policy, tax, licensing, infrastructure, business ventures, capital financing, best business practices and so on. On enrolling oneself as a member, one gets an opportunity to give back to the Society through charity-based initiatives eg. street families rehabilitation, town's beautification, rehabilitation of public amenities etc.

Among the activities of the Organization are advocacy on matters that affect Thika Business people. 

Later this September, TDBA will host a major Business people meeting sponsored by Bamburi Cement at the same venue and later on the 2nd Business Exhibition for Thika Companies in November this year.

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