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Kiambu County officials are pursuing a contractor, who reportedly ferried and dumped broken asbestos sheets from a market under rehabilitation in Nairobi in 20 trucks at the Kang’oki garbage dumpsite last week. The trucks made their way to the dump site last Sunday in a convoy and emptied the material.

Asbestos fibre, which was initially used to make roofing sheets, is highly toxic and causes cancer of the lungs and stomach and has since been classified as a hazardous substance and banned.

Speaking at the site Monday, County Executive Member for Water and Environment Esther Njuguna called the dumping “criminal and unscrupulous”, adding that it was done without informing the county administration. The official also said she was surprised to learn that an officer from the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) supervised the dumping.

“Dumping asbestos waste in the open exposes thousands of residents to grave health risks. Asbestos materials are supposed to be disposed in a licensed dump site in a special and stipulated way since it is highly hazardous,” she said.

Residents who spoke to The Thika Town Today Team said many of them had already collected the iron sheets, which they have been using to roof houses and fence their homes.

"We were not aware of the hazardous effects of the material. We are shocked to learn that it could cause cancer. Our children have also been playing with it," said Eunice Njoki, a resident.

"The trucks were escorted by branded National Environmental Management Authority (Nema) vehicles, and a lady who identified herself as an employee of the agency told us they had authorised the material to be dumped there since it

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