Four people have perished and several others injured in an accident involving a Kenya Mpya bus at Juja’s Weighbridge along the Thika Superhighway .

The Kenya Mpya bus is said to be heading to Nairobi when it hit a truck carrying sand that was heading to Ruiru from Ndarugo. The accident happened when the truck lost control as it tried to evade hitting pedestrians who were crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. The speeding bus hit it from behind and veered off the road, knocking down one person who was on the side of the road.  Passangers who were in the bus' front seats died on the spot.

The driver of the truck managed to control his vehicle and got it off the highway.

The accident has caused heavy traffic congestion along the Thika Highway that has extended all the way to Witeithie.

The casualties were rushed to Kalimoni Mission Hospital.

By the time our crew left the accident scene, the traffic base commander had not yet arrived.
More to follow…