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Reports reaching our news desk say that an administration police officer in Munyu, Thika east is being held in Thika police station after she allegedly raped a 22 year old lady severally last night.

According to Thika west District Administration Police Commander (DAPC) Samuel Ombonya, the culprit is said to have been patrol in the area when he caught up with a lady riding on a boda boda and stopped them.

He proceeded to holding the lady for travelling at night but released the boda boda operator and instead of taking the lady to the cell, he took her to his house where he raped her severally as he was threatening to shoot her if she protested.

Ombinya has further said that the operator whose name is withheld for the sake of his security, was brave enough as he followed the officer to his house where he rescue the lady after she was raped and left outside with the officer leaving for his duty.

The victim was taken to Thika level five hospital where the chief nursing officer Rosemary Mwangi has confirmed that she was raped severally and she is receiving medical attention at the moment.

The DAPC has vowed to serve the victim with justice insisting that the police are interrogating the officer as they investigate and he will be arraigned in court immediately they are through with investigations.

“That’s a very bad picture of the police and we are going to prosecute hi according to the law. The lady must be served with justice as she deserves her freedom and if she broke any law she was supposed to be taken to cell and arraigned in court later,” ombonya said.

He has further condemned the incident saying that the cases of officers harassing public at night in Thika are upcoming.

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