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They branded it 'The Birmingham of Kenya' and truely Thika Town is slowly rolling back to its lost glory. Thika Town has for quite a while been a sleeping giant and a true business volcano waiting to explode. Its capability has been underestimated by many, but not any more. Many factors have rejuvenated Thika's awakening. Its strategic location on the Kenyan map is a real blessing. Thika serves as the epi-centre of Nairobi, Muranga, Ukambani area, Garissa and even Nakuru, making it the market of choice for most residents of those counties. A lot of people are coming to Thika Town to settle thus providing investors with the much needed labour force. The great infrastructural developments has made it possible for the emergence of Thika as the new business frontier in Kenya. Thika is heavily blessed with infrastructure and boasts of a great road network within its environs and connecting it to other counties. Thika superhighway has also helped raise the towns profile. Its construction and Thika's proximity to Nairobi has made Thika an attractive investment destination. The superhighway has attracted a long list of businesses from big-box supermarkets, car dealers, hotels and real estate developers. It has made connections to and from Nairobi faster and cheaper. Everyday hundreds of people travel to Nairobi from Thika (and vice versa) to earn a living. It now costs a commuter in Thika less than a hour and for as little as sh. 40 to commute to the city. Traders have been able to buy their stock cheaply from Nairobi and other sorrounding markets because of the ease of connection. The rise in the volume of human traffic has boosted businesses in the town. Businesses are thriving and road-users are reaping the benefits of the ultra-modern superhighway. Slowly but surely, Thika is now emerging as one of the most popular developers destination who are willing to put up multi-million-shilling investment projects. Many are willing to invest in this town, located North East of Nairobi. Land availability, the ease of securing relevant land transfer and ownership documents has eased the process of investors settling on Thika. Its geographical location too is a major plus. Investors too have now realized the numerous opportunities and ease of doing business in Thika. Developers also taken advantage of the quick and easy process of setting shop in Thika. Investors have now identified the growing opportunities and are now economically arming themselves by making huge personal and collaborated investments in entrepreneurship, agriculture, real estate and industries. The Thika economy is driven by quite a wide range of activities; from the supermarkets, clubs, hospitals, hotels, colleges, the jua kali and transport sectors, the farm produce and hawkers' wares, real estate, and not forgeting the industrial investments that are our trademark. Small traders and high-end private developers are invading the town and taking advantage the countless investment opportunities in the town. Thika now hosts numerous industries. So many banks and other small financial institutions have opened doors to the emerging crop of entrepreneurs. Thika plays host to several institutions of higher learning such as Mt. Kenya University, Gretsa University, Umma University, Thika Medical Training College, Thika School of Medical & Health Sciences and the Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute. Amenities such as schools, shopping malls, health facilities, restaurants, residential houses etc are guaranteed in Thika. Thika town is now home to a Sh500 million shopping mall, the Ananas Mall which stands on a six-acre plot along the busy Thika-Garissa Highway in the populous Makongeni Estate. With limited land resources, the services sector is slowly replacing agriculture as a major economic activity among Thika and its environs. This is assisting the town to undergo some rapid urbanisation. The real estate sector is a boom in this town. Thika Town is home to Kenya's premier real estate giants such as Gakuyo Real Estate, Urithi Housing and Angaza Real Estate, among others who have provided quite some reasonable assistance to Thika residents and investors in aquiring land for development. Thika too boasts of several gated-community ventures with a touch of lifestyle of both modern living and restful rural ambience. Thika too is a recreation and tourist hub. The flowing waters of Rivers Chania and Thika and their falls near Blue Post Hotel on your way to Murang'a County and the captivating view of Fourteen Falls all offer a scenic attraction & camping sites . Essential government services are readily available in the town. And with the assumption of the devolved system of government, Thika is reaping large from devolution. Thika has a KRA Regional Office, Lands Registry, NHIF, NSSF, its own Law Courts and a Level 5 Hospital which is soon turning into a referal hospital. And if you need to pay Stamp Duty, Thika has numerous commercial Banks operating.

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