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Thika Town is slowly but surely restoring its glory of being Kenya’s industrial and commercial hub .Industries are now sprouting up and there is an increase in the number of entertainment spots, real estate investors and schools, colleges and universities. Apartments and bungalows are being put up daily, changing the face of Thika. It is now easier for residents to commute to Nairobi daily. Thika is externally serviced by an eight-lane superhighway, a highway to Garissa and the rest of north-east Kenya, a highway to the central highlands and a railway line (with plans to add a passenger light rail to Nairobi). Internally, the town has a good road network.
Thika is home to the Chania Falls, Fourteen Falls on the Athi river and the Thika Falls, Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park lies to the southeast. It has a population which is growing rapidly, as is the entire greater Nairobi area
The growing demand for residential places by the ever increasing middle class who are hunting for accommodation outside the busy Nairobi is another reason the real estate business has picked up.Thika has a bustling nightlife, modern recreation centres and significant retail trading operations. The growth of the greater Nairobi region and improved infrastructure and services has led to new residential estates.
Thika is regarded by many as serene.
Its strategic location has enabled entrepreneurs to come up with new ideas on how to integrate real estate development with other amenities such as shopping malls, golf courses and affordable leisure centres.
Thika Town serves Gatundu North, Greater Gatanga Region, Murang'a South and The Lower Eastern which includes Matuu, Kitui and Garissa.

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