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A section of male sex workers in Thika have lauded the move by US President Barrack Obama to tour Kenya, expressing their confidence of his support their plight. The group demanded respect from members of public and that their sex rights should be recognised as homosexuality was natural.
Through their spokesman Barrack Ondieki, the group claimed that Kenyans were politicising Obama’s visit instead of giving him the free will to debate the issues he felt worth deliberating on.
In an interview with one of the radio stations, Ondieki said that though he wasn't gay, he recognised the need to protect and respect each and every Kenyan with a different character from the rest as they are all God’s creation.

“We are talking of recognition of their orientation and giving them better living environment in the society. If they don’t involve anyone of us, then we should let them live their lives and we co-exist peacefully. There is no need of spending your time opposing what you don’t do,” Ondieki said.
He added that those planning to demonstrate against the issue were just being childish as they were not helping anyone change their orientation.
“If you think you can help them change, then go ahead but not by demonstrating without clothes around. Kenyans should learn to mind their own business,” he added.

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