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A German company, EHA Hoffmann Group, has beaten 13 other companies to win the Sh230 million tender to supply new generation number plates paving way for the introduction of the number plates.
The Government is ready to roll out acquisition of the number plates, which are difficult to replicate or forge. In a move to improve driving standards and prevent fraud, the new number plate will incorporate microchip enabled by latest laser technology making it impossible to forge or tamper with vehicle and ownership identity. A microchip capturing crucial details of the owner, engine, colour, manufacture information and chassis numbers including logbook, will be embedded in the new numberplate. This will enable motor vehicle agencies to easily share data about a vehicle for whatever service is demanded of them. Police officers will only use a barcode reader to ascertain the owner and the correct number plate of a vehicle.
The new number plates would bear the name of the owner, vehicle registration number and the Kenyan flag. The number plates will be reflected on the car engine, front and rear, and a third one will be placed on the windscreen.
The tender for vehicle number plates was advertised as an international bid in February 2015 and the process was spearheaded by the Kenya Prisons service, with the participation of The National Transport and Safety Authority.

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