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While women are usually more inclined towards ‘together time’ with their spouses or boyfriends, men are more inclined towards their ‘free time or alone time’. If your man wants some alone time, it is certainly not a bad thing, in fact it can build a stronger and better relationship between you both. Men tend to feel ‘trapped’ in a relationship quite quickly. Giving him sufficient alone time will make him feel free and independent, and he would probably love you even more. It requires a deep understanding from women that a man wanting alone time is not an offence to her or an attempt to avoid her, but something that men generally like to do. So, why do men value their alone time so much? 1. IT REFRESHES THEM. Men like to be alone sometimes, when in a relationship. It refreshes them. It helps them unwind and relax. A man often faces a lot of pressure at work, with family and also around friends, being alone or reading a book can often calm their senses and help them rejuvenate. Some men just like to sleep for hours on the weekend, and that is their perfect alone time! 2. ELECTRONICS TIME. Women often don’t understand the bond that guys share with their gadgets and electronics. Being around gadgets and machines for boys is like how a girl feels in the Chanel store. They can do silly things like playing video games or watching their superhero movies in their alone time, which they might be embarrassed to, in front of their girlfriends. They can just go on about researching the technical specifications of a new mobile or tablet they are interested in. 3. FITNESS FANATICS. Some men crave for alone time because of their love for the gym. Protein shakes, muscle building and lifting weights are their stress busters and passion. Fitness requires a full time commitment and some men are more than happy to commit to that. This might give their mood a lift. 4. COUCH POTATOES. There are some men who love to spend time with a bucket of chicken wings in front of their television. They can spend hours together just watching some sports channel or something on television while munching on to some delicious food which they can’t do freely with their girlfriend around. It is like a switch off button for them when they can be themselves and indulge in gluttony. 5. COMIC BUFFS. Some men can be quite geeky and have a craze for the comics. They love the comic-cons their action figures. This might all seem very childish to a girl, which is why they would love to read their comic collection or prepare for their comic events when they are alone. Also, other men who love reading the latest magazines and news love some alone time. 6. SOCIALIZING. No matter how close a couple is, they need some friends of their own. A girlfriend cannot take the place of a guy’s guy pals, no matter how tomboyish she is. Sometimes guys like to just call up their old friends or catch up with their buddies. They need to talk about their relationship and vent out their worries and frustrations. Being around their guy friends gives them a boost and often they end up having a fun time. [AN EXTRACT FROM LikeLoveQuotes Copyright © 2015.© 2013 - 2015 All Rights Reserved Reckon Mind Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.] What can be the other reasons why guys love their alone time? Feel free to tell us in the comments section.

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