THIKA TOWN TODAY is a group of focused and optimistic bloggers who came together to create a forum where Thika residents, its neighbours and Friends of Thika could interact, share ideas and discover the region’s untapped potential and opportunities. 

We network and link up THIKA to the world market by updating on the current affairs, opportunities arising, provoking positive and optimistic perspective to issues affecting them as well as helping them discover their town.

We strive promote an insightful understanding of the issues, creating an informed public that is invigorated by a deeper appreciation of events, ideas, opportunities and cultures surrounding them through promoting conversations that create a more engaged community.

    ~ To always articulate on creative and engaging articles for those people whose voices are ever underrepresented in the mainstream media.
    ~ To regularly update our audience on the day to day issues happening within their region. 
       ~ To be the goodwill ambassadors in promoting our social, economic and developmental growth by providing professional and goal oriented reporting on informative local opportunities so as to facilitate Thika’s growth.
      ~   To help identify and nature talent and leadership values among our youth by providing a forum to showcase their abilities to the global arena so that we guarantee a better and brighter future for our town and the nation at large.

    ~ Credibility, honesty and Accuracy
ü   ~   No inclination to any race, tribe, religion or political affiliation
ü   ~   A desire to learn something new every day
ü    ~  Expand understanding of and connection with the world
ü    ~  Digging deeper on issues, not just asking why.
ü   ~  Always respecting the intelligence of our audience.
ü   ~  Always sticking to our goals by clearly understanding why we do what we do

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